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Communications for health and wellness businesses
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We’re a boutique content marketing firm for health and wellness businesses. Focus on running your business while we take marketing and communications off your plate. We simplify your day-to-day, establish your online presence, attract and retain your ideal clients. And our personal approach is one of our keys to meeting your objectives. 

We know that running a business is more than a full-time job. So do what you love. Run your business. We’ll handle the communications and marketing.

What we do

Save time, increase revenue

A recent study found that many practitioners spend more than 5 hours a month of their own time on marketing their practice. They also found that many spend less than $250 a month on marketing their practice. What does this mean? Most practitioners pay with their time rather than with money.

So what is your time worth?

Let's break it down. If you're spending 5 hours a month on marketing your practice, that is 5 hours you can’t spend treating patients. So that will cost you 5 hours of pay at your hourly rate (let's do the math on that). If you see 4 patients an hour at $50 a visit then that is $200 an hour. So if you're spending 5 hours a month on marketing your practice, that is 5 hours you can’t spend treating patients. So that total cost to you is 5 hours of pay at your hourly rate ($200/hr). For most people, the cost to you will be between $1000 and $5000 a month. Times that by 12 months and you're looking at a conservative estimate of $12,000 a year on marketing.

Save time and spend that money on working with experts

For the majority of practices, it just doesn't make sense to try to do your own marketing. To put it simply, it isn’t your core competency and your skill set is treating and educating patients.

Focus on what you love

If you're serious about attracting and retaining patients to grow a successful thriving practice, we've got your back. Give up jack-of-all-trades status and focus on what you do best – treating your patients.

Sound like we may be a good fit?

Get in touch! Scroll to the bottom of the page for contact details.

“Do what you love. Run your business. We’ll handle the communications and marketing.

Kendall Titchener

Our team

Kendall Titchener

Kendall Titchener



Kendall is the Principal and Founder of Pixelated Pinto, a boutique content marketing firm for health and wellness practitioners across North America. A born and raised Vancouverite, she was brought up in the health and wellness industry. Her dad (Dr. Micheal Titchener) is a Chiropractor, her brother is an Acupuncturist and her mother was a fitness instructor. They own clinics in Surrey and Fort Langley and work with athletes ranging from the BC Lions, Cloverdale Rodeo to the Calgary Stampede. Raised as a true Chiro kid, you could say that Kendall’s interest in the field is something she’s forever lived and loved.


Kendall completed her bachelor’s degree at UBC, and since then has managed the corporate communications for industries ranging from real estate development, oil and gas, post-secondary, health and wellness, non-profit and more. Her extensive background has made her a digital communications leader.
Pixelated Pinto takes marketing off of practitioners’ plates so they can focus on doing what they love, working with patients. Through cost-effective marketing and communications, her team works with health and wellness clients to help attract and retain patients.


Kendall and her clients have been featured in the the Globe and Mail, Metro News, the World Guinness Book of Records, Calgary Herald, Daily Hive, Global TV, XPrize, CBC, various notable blogs and beyond.
She is an active member of the UBC Leadership Committee, Calgary Stampede Ad Media committee and the Cloverdale Rodeo Publicity committee. On evenings and weekends, Kendall can be found at a HIIT class or creating Instagram stories while riding her horse. Seriously though.
Kasey Titchener

Kasey-Micaela Titchener



Kasey has worked in the radio and television industries with Corus Entertainment for nearly a decade. Most recently, Kasey was a Senior Production Coordinator with Country Music Television (CMT). She worked across North America on-set with some of the biggest names in country music and also managed the social media for CMT-produced television series.

Tegan Jay Photography


Account Manager


As a passionate advocate for holistic health and wellness, Kelsey has spent the majority of her career working both hands on as a certified nutrition consultant and behind the scenes with Neal’s Yard Remedies Canada. This combination of experience has given her the knowledge she needs to strategically communicate products, services and philosophies through a combination of original storytelling and consistent, eye-catching brand aesthetic. Kelsey has worked with a variety of different clients including Woodlot, Jennifer Joan Skincare, HSCA Farmers’ Market and Shauna Voit Aesthetics with features in both Glamour UK and Brides Magazine.

vancouver marketing


Account Manager & Photographer


Jessica had her first taste of entrepreneurship when she was 16, creating and running a swimming lessons business out of her backyard pool. Her love for sport and business took her to work for both the Nashville Predators and Edmonton Oilers where she gained experience and expertise in event management, marketing and sponsorship.  She continued her career in these arenas working for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Canadian Sport Institute Calgary and the University of Calgary.


Following her corporate career, Jessica’s entrepreneurial ambition and determination led her to start her first company – Breakaway Strategies Inc. An event and marketing consultancy where she has worked with many brands including The Styled Stock Library, MeVest, KPMG, Brookfield Residential and the Canadian Sport Institute.


Jessica currently photographs and writes for her food blog, Cooking in my Genes, where she combines her loves for food, entertaining and travel. Her love of photography has led her to help small businesses leverage their brands through beautiful photos. And when she’s not event planning or taking photos, you can usually find her taking foodie adventures with her husband Scott or hanging out with her cutie pie rescue dog, Doug.