Pixelated Pinto | Content marketing for health and wellness businesses
Content marketing for health and wellness businesses
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Save time by hiring us to skillfully manage your communications strategy and execution

Increase revenue by attracting and retaining your ideal clients

Boost referrals by enhancing your clients' experience

Do what you love. Let us handle the communications and marketing

  • Pixelated Pinto is for you if you:

    • Are an expert at what you love and run your own business
    • Feel overwhelmed by the idea of staying on top of internet and marketing trends
    • Value your time and don’t want to spend it unsuccessfully DIY marketing your business
    • Are all about results. Creating awareness in the market doesn’t happen over night. But with the right strategy and consistency, we help you establish brand awareness and nurture leads.
    • Are a business owner with hundreds of things to do. A lot of which is new, you don’t know how to do it or the options for help are really expensive or time-consuming. Our packages are designed specifically for professionals like you.
    • Want to stop generically, ineffectively selling your business like everyone else. Stand out from the crowd so you can spend less time hunting for business.
    • Want work with specialists. You realize that everyone is an expert on something. You wouldn’t try fill your own cavity (we hope) because you trust the dentist’s expertise. Ya, maybe you could Youtube it but you know the your time and skills are better spent elsewhere.
    • Are ready to free up some of your precious time and work with communications pros

Get in touch to learn how we’ll help you create awareness about your business and nurture leads.


Communications strategy

Attract and retain clients with a fierce communications strategy. We do the strategy, social media content creation and scheduling, you do the community engagement. We edit, source and create engaging images, videos, and captions. Through on-brand visuals, compelling copywriting, strategic campaigns and relationship building, we ensure you’re tapped into the communities and conversations that matter the most to you.

Visual content

Because a picture's worth a thousand (ok, maybe even a hundred thousand) words. Be it custom photoshoots, photo styling, web design or videography, we establish a drop-dead-gorgeous aesthetic to establish awareness in the market and grow your brand. We ensure all visual messaging aligns with your brand, key objectives and your communications strategy. Cause if looks could kill, we'll knock 'em dead.


Attract new business while you sleep. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the name given to activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings in Google for customers who search for your business or industry. Without an optimized website, you will have trouble attracting enough visitors to convert into clients. SEO combined with strong content marketing amplifies your online presence.

And more

Intrigued? We figured you would be. Visit our services page to view our full list of offerings!